Our sauna is in a small wooden house in the shade under th trees, in the middle of green fields. Nearby you can hear the noise of water hitting the pool edges.

A colourful flower smell. A slight leaves rustel. And the sun reflected on the water. The small wooden house in the garden. The outdoors pool is right next to it and invites you to jump in. From a bath in the heat to a bath in the water.

In the morning, in the evening, whenever you want.

The sauna and the outdoors pool – in the centre of Termeno. A place to feel relaxed and which stimulates all senses. Among flowers in the garden and shadows, there are the vines and in the background the vineyards. A nice jump in the pool in the morning before breakfast or in the evening after a intense day to relax your muscles. Also for a whole day, when you feel lazy.

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