Love and patience. Passion and skills. All is melting down and mixes in the wine character. That's the way to identify who has made it. Your wine shows your philosophy.

You find them all aligned in the green. They are cuddled by the sun rays and give you joy. Trough out the whole year our vines are grown and have taken care of. In the end they are offered for the joy of wine lovers.

Wine, our reflection

In our house we produce different wines: Schiava, Gewürztraminer, Lagrein and Pinot bianco. The Überbacher family uses all the technical knowledge, the beauty of Termeno and dedication in elaborating its own grape. We, therefore, have year after year a wine of which character reflects the one of the family.

Living wine under our guidance

The work in the vineyards is explained to our guests through guided inspections. Even the owner gives tours in the steep vineyards hat surround the B&B, giving then a peaceful feeling. A real and direct knowledge of the world of wine production. And the final taste of the product made with a fruity passion. The wine art.

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